7 Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days! Talkin’ Tuesdays!

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50 Responses to “7 Tips to a Flat Stomach in 7 Days! Talkin’ Tuesdays!”

  1. Our Lord JESUS CHRIST is the Light of the world. Whoever follows Him will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life. Follow Jesus and you will be saved !

  2. thx :)

  3. Yea

  4. i love bacon xD

  5. I have tired these tips, and within 2 weeks i have noticed massive changes! Thank you so much!

  6. Actually, water dilutes your digestive enzymes. You’re not supposed to drink water while you eat, or right before or after. (research Chinese Traditional Medicine, or Ayurvedic Medicine…some of the oldest medical systems in the world) WATER is great though between meals bc it will help facilitate all the functions in your body. Doing abs is a good idea though – bc strong muscles there are supposed to help digestion (and make u skinny.) Not eating before bed is a great idea. You are lovely. :)

  7. cafural if u got to pee1:02

  8. Why is the water fasting video private? :(

  9. actually, you do burn calories while you sleep, almost 1500 for and 8 hr. sleep cycle. thats more than jogging around the block. it sad that this video is more focused on how your body appears to others, and less on being fit and healthy. are you embarrassed when your tummy pokes out after you eat?

  10. Nice video a lot of details and its amazing but people should love themselves the way they are and no matter what size or shape they is they are still beautiful but if they want to lose weight make sure its something that makes them feel good cause exercise is not always about losing weight but makin yourself feel good and relax and just stress free but very good tips on this video

  11. Loveismyspecialty12 Reply September 22, 2012 at 8:50 pm

    Actually its supposed to be like every three hours :D

  12. I really like your videos! Thank you so much! I’m so gonna try this!

  13. yeah, too bad for you….

  14. So please respond. Is for example frozen dinner food by heathy choice alright? because i dont want to drink water for a week :) and is flavored ok? (Sorry By The Way Just Want To Know)

  15. lol @ her trying to provide reasoning for abs. we want it cause it’s sexy. that’s it, that’s all.

  16. starts at 2:57

  17. yeah don’t mess with that shit. I’ve heard of diabetic girls depriving themselves of their insulin to lose weight and usually ends with them getting nerve damage or going blind.

  18. Erica Kuuleiokealoha Reply September 23, 2012 at 12:35 am

    I eat half a cup of cottage cheese (or less) with a teaspoon agave. it’s slow to breakdown and it should carry you over till the morning. be sure to drink ample amounts of water as well.

  19. ohhhh noo….

  20. Ummm, I am 17 years old, and I have Bipolar 2, and I have to drink 200ml of Skim Milk before bed, is this okay? Too bad if its not, because I am still going to do it!!!!

  21. I’m diabetic so I need insulin and sugar because I’m diabetic.. I’m so screwed.

  22. I need to eat before bed because I’m diabetic, suggestions ?

  23. it was posted on “talkin’ tuesday” , what else did you expect ?

  24. haha you’re funny. and totally right ;)

  25. All of your videos are very good, thanks heaps man

  26. The program has an audio devoted to diet. It’s about 40 minutes long and included is a section on the audio about how to find your abs. Peace, Vic

  27. listen to this guy, he knows what hes talking bout, I discovered the same things he did by myself and its exactly the same!!

  28. i needed this info man! thanks man

  29. Thanks for everything. I would say I am very deliberate with my movements, I do perform slow and controlled enough to feel the weight every step of the way. Peace, Vic

  30. Honestly, I’ve seen lots of bodybuilding vids over the past year on youtube – these are the BEST! I always burn my biceps out (never knew why) – now I’ll stop at the chin. Not counting reps is also a great idea I can’t wait to try…just work on feeling the muscle. Question – do you really do each movement that slowly when you work out – or is that more so for teaching technique here? Thanks!

  31. I believe if I did them, I wouldn’t look as good. My opinion, Peace, Vic

  32. How we doing friend? Peace, Vic

  33. It actually has a full diet and audio mp3. Peace, Vic

  34. there is no info about diet on the vics website, I would appreciate if you make a dedicated tab for diet! I wonder if the 99.99 package has got clean diet tips.

  35. Good day, Victor > peace

  36. vic! you’re my idol!

  37. gues what? My name is victor too!

  38. Love these videos!! very helpful! Thank you.

  39. No nee to go that far friend. Peace, Vic

  40. NICE VID..

  41. If Vic will Reply to this , I will go naked to the gym

  42. You look very ripped without the use of steroids, very inspiring

  43. I would say range of 8 to 12. Peace, Vic

  44. I have done that as well and I like it . Peace, Vic

  45. Masterofpuppets6407 Reply September 23, 2012 at 3:26 pm

    Great Vid!! Thanks alot!

  46. Its clearly that we shold do the excersice until we can’t do it with right form, but the question of number of repetitions is to know how much weight shold we use. I could lose the form from 4 to 24 reps maybe depending on weight, and I think the results could be diferents.What do you think Vic?
    Greetings, very good videos btw.

  47. Thanks man, you’re actually one of the few youtubers that actually give a proper instruction on every small part you do and you give examples of when you’re doing it wrong, you’re great :D . But at the dumbbell row instead of putting your leg on the bench, can you stand behind the bench and just place your hand on the side of the bench? thanks.

  48. you get and explains the single most important thing here- the way to connect to the muscle, mostv people just lift the weights.

  49. Awesome video! I have been training 8 months got some really good gains in my lats! “my favourite muscle!” lol this is a really good video and i have learnt something! Many thanks Iv’e Subscribed!