Ultimate Ab Workout for Women

Read the rest of the workout description: bit.ly Best tip for 8-pack abs: youtu.be In this video, Katya shows one of her workouts for tightening and strengthening your abdominals. This ultimate ab workout for women is for those who want a flatter, stronger stomach and mid section. It is one routine of many more to come. (and yes it will also work for men) Since we filmed this video, I increased the number of repetitions I do. Now I do 25 per exercise instead of 10 — for a total of 225 reps for one set. Here’s the breakdown: 1. Bicycle Crunches — 25 reps per side (50) 2. Cross Over Knee Raises — 25 per side (50) 3. Wrist to Knee Crunches — 25 reps 4. Straight Leg Side Crunches — 25 reps per side (50) 5. Mountain Climbers — 25 reps per side. (50) Total: 225 Read the rest of the workout description: bit.ly Join the ongoing discussion about ab exercises and other vitality related topics at: www.facebook.com Ask any question you want below. We’re always online! PS… Please subscribe and stay tuned for more on fitness, health and nutrition!
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Video Rating: 4 / 5

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50 Responses to “Ultimate Ab Workout for Women”

  1. These exercises are very effective! I feel more results in a day than I do with regular crunches in a week. Thank you so much!

  2. OMG, I just wanted to say thankyou sooo much for putting this video up! I’ve just started doing your the ab exercise with the ultimate but workout! for around 1 hour a day in the evening! it’s not too difficult and… THE RESULTS WERE AMAZING! after one day I could visually see I had lost lots of weight!! and I looked much more toned, will definitely keep doing your exercises!!! xxx

  3. Hey im 5ft 7inch and 8st 1pound and ive got about 10% body fat any tips on losing it im going on 1252calories a day eating loads of water will i see results or not ?

  4. I’m definitely going to try this! Thanks 

  5. xx :) 

  6. We will film it. We’re caught up with a few things in life at the moment, but it’s coming! It’s a very popular request.

  7. Yall are so helpful

  8. Do you think you guys could do an “inner thigh” workout? I really want the GAP (:

  9. 5’6″ 112 lbs :)

  10. Have you looked up kegel exercises? Do a search for “KEGEL EXERCISES FOR UTERINE PROLAPSE” good luck!

  11. we will do a video like that, but it’s been slow going due to moving, settling, and work. We do vitality advocate as a side hobby. If you go to our website, there is a great article called “The Ultimate Fat Loss Tip” Read that article, it’s excellent information.

  12. Our first arm workout is in the works :) Search “vitality advocate ultimate butt workout” for our butt workout that works legs too. Stay tuned.

  13. Do you have arm and leg workouts?

  14. how long did it take you to archeive a flat stomach like that? can you do a ” meals i eat in a day” video, it would help me loooaads.. please (:

  15. Hi, do you know of any exercises that might strengthen the muscles of the uterus if a person has had previous surgery?

  16. plz plz tell me ur height and weight

  17. this music makes me feel like im in the late 80′s

  18. Our pleasure! :) Were working on more. Lately, we’ve been filming videos for diet and fat loss, we just filmed ep 8 (about a lean soup we eat all the time). Just waiting on post editing. But the next workout video I’ll be doing is for arms, and the next will be inner and outer thighs! Thanks so much for your kind comment!

  19. Katya please make more videos for women, your workouts look simple, motivational and at the same time give great results! thanks for all of your videos!

  20. Oh okay cool cant wait :)

  21. ty xx

  22. Hi Christina, all that information can be found by clicking on the top link in the description area. thanks for asking!

  23. how many of each exercise should we do and how many reps?

  24. Great video!

  25. yep, it’s in the works. He call the new one “reverse pyramiding”.

  26. cool hair & forearms, dude

  27. or they have LONG forearms

  28. Hmm I just always incorporate hammer curls and once every 2 weeks do 3 sets of wrists curls and reverse wrist. Having great gains from it but I think it’s from heavy hammer curls

  29. Everyone I’ve seen doing wrist curls and direct forearm work has had small forearms lol, hammer curls and never using straps seem to make my forearms grow the best

  30. Do you count the macros of veggies such as broccoli kale spinach etc.?

  31. no wonder he listens to vampz a lot

  32. lol@ beast vs bat. good advice. I used to use straps a lot in the past but once i quit using them on heavy shrugs and deadlifts my forearms got noticeably bigger and my grip strength increased very rapidly as well. you think your wrists are small? well i have 6.3in wrists and 12in forearms. feels bad

  33. inb4 vampire

  34. The bat will eat the bugs. Don’t touch the bat!

  35. Shirtless? Dayam. I bet you got mauled by parasitic little bastards that night!

  36. you guys still making those troll videos with the other guys… lol…?

  37. Deadlifting brought up my forearms big time.

  38. cardio ?

  39. to let the skin breath

  40. why are you walking around shirtless?

  41. 12-15 sets?! is that right?

  42. Just stop using straps and strengthen your grip. Half of the forearm muscles are associated with gripping, so you’re don’t really working them by doing forearm curls. And if you really want to workout the brachioradialis muscle (the one that gives you the sweep), just do full range of motion pullups (bar below your chin).

  43. train them before legs or chest, so you have two forearm workouts a week, back and isolation

  44. blair witch project lol

  45. I wouldnt train forearms alone. If you do heavy compound movements there is no need. And or jack off and switch arms. Lol

  46. 4:13am and leaving for work with 4 hour sleep like usual.. Yay for gains!!! : /

  47. I’d attack that bat for even flying close to me. And I find thy whenever it’s back day n I do db rows, my forearms are sore the next day from gripping the db so hard

  48. how late do you go out for your cardio. looks late be carefull out there bro theres could be weridos out there.

  49. Bats like buff guys i guess haha

  50. omfg what a forearm