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Fit, Fierce and Fabulous with Tiffany Rothe- body image, weight loss advice for teens and more

This show was created to answer all of your fitness, weight loss, body sculpting and self image questions. This episode is dedicated to teens who need to improve their body image, lose weight and start to take control of their lives and feel good about themselves. For more workouts go to www.tiffanyrotheworkouts.com . Music by [...]

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Want To Be Healthy? Follow This Nutrition Advice

Better nutrition, better education for students Image by Gates Foundation Students eat lunch at the Iyiola Matanmi School of Osogbo, Osun state, Nigeria. The primary school participates in the Osun State Home-Grown School Feeding Program, which was established to improve the nutritional status of school children. Better student nutrition has been shown to support increases [...]

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Keep Nutrition A Part Of You With Sound Advice

Many people say that they want to change bad eating habits and start eating healthier foods, but very few take action and make the food choices that will lead to better nutrition. You can do it, though. All you need are some good ideas to get you started, and here you’ll find many. Lesser known [...]

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Weight Loss Control Advice That Really Works!

Before and after weight loss surgery Image by jackiebese Licensed under a creative commons share alike. Use freely but give attribution to Bariatric Solutions (a Dallas weight loss surgery center) and link to www.mybariatricsolutions.com Before and after weight loss surgery in Dallas, TX – Bariatric Solutions Licensed under a creative commons share alike. Use freely [...]

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Awesome Advice And Tips For Stress Relief

Stress emanates from a great number of sources and situation we encounter in our everyday lives. It may be difficult at times to even figure out what the source of your stresses are and in what manner the stress can be diminished. This article describes ways and tips to identify and deal with situations that [...]

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